Ear training activities for kids in an app

Ear training activities for kids in an app

Spending an evening with friends around the fire is a happy time of stories and music! Who hasn’t dreamed of being a famous guitar-playing singer, the focus of everyone’s attention? Or even having a good enough ear to sing along with the musicians, leaving unforgettable memories? The ideal time to start training your ear for music is in childhood, but it’s never too late to learn. A musical ear improves with time! Activities that involve listening and auditory discrimination (the distinction the ear makes among different sounds) are a good way to help your child develop a sensitive musical ear.

The importance of ear training for your kid

Formal or informal musical awakening exercises are a good way to help your children develop their musical ear, auditory perception, cognitive skills and language skills. As Nina Politimou and her colleagues from Middlesex University in London suggest, adding musical activities to the daily routine of 4-year-olds by parents, among others, is a valuable asset in the development of language and reading skills.

Ear training exercices for kids

Mazaam is a musical awakening exercise app that encourages children to improve their listening and their memory to refine their auditory perception. The app offers 5 different worlds, associated with a comical animal and a musical concept. As your children navigate through these worlds, they not only learn musical awakening concepts, but develop a range of cognitive skills.

With the lynx’s help, for example, their understanding of sound intensity is awakened, but they also work on their attention and auditory memory. In the eagles’ music box, they practice musical awakening activities that teach them the concept of timbre, and also how to analyze. The chameleons, squirrels and sea lions help them work on rhythm, pitch and harmony, and to use effective strategies, set priorities and adapt to new situations.

Find the intruder? Classify sound while having fun? Develop your children’s listening skills a little more every day. In a few years, you’ll be proud of your star of the evening by the fire.

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