Mazaam, best app of the year according to PARENTS magazine

PARENTS magazine selected Mazaam for Best Learning App for Kids in 2021 in the ''Best of Music'' category, for the second year in a row!

Mazaam, best app of the year according to PARENTS magazine

The Mazaam edutainment app has been selected as the “Best for Music’’ educational app of the year by PARENTS magazine, for the second year in a row.

Montréal, October 20, 2021 –  Every year, the leading American magazine for parents published since 1926, with several million readers, releases its survey of educational technology experts on the Best Learning Apps for Kids.

Designed by violinist Angèle Dubeau and François Mario Labbé, President and founder of Mazaam Interactive and Analekta, the leading classical record company in Canada, the Mazaam – The Musical Genius app was launched in 2019. This unique musical awakening app uses classical music to contribute to the overall development of children 4 to 6 years old. Relying on a certified pedagogical method based on over ten years of doctoral research, the app was designed according to work conducted by the Université Laval Canada Research Chair in Music and Learning.

Mazaam Interactive develops unique digital solutions to introduce young children to the benefits of music and offers an innovative experience and useful learning with its mobile app and the Mazaam Academy for schools and preschools.

“What makes Mazaam stand out is that children hear excerpts of masterpieces played on real instruments by our greatest musicians. This is a fantastic reference for children. Offering a child the beauty and grandeur of music through an edutainment game is a lifelong gift!” comments the project’s spokesperson, Angèle Dubeau.

“By earning this recognition, Mazaam is making a place for itself among the world’s best edutainment apps. Our sales efforts now allow us to deploy the app internationally,” François Mario Labbé affirms.


. Selected by PARENTS magazine for Best Learning Apps for Kids in 2021 in the ‘’Best of Music’’ category.

. Selected by PARENTS magazine for Best Learning Apps for Kids in 2020 in the ‘’Best Musical Basics” category.

. Finalist for the MTL Tech Awards in the Digital Transformation category

. Certified by the well-known English website Educational App Store and recipient of a Parent and Teacher Choice Award.


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