A Musical Massage

The children perform a musical massage and explore the concept of the intensity of sounds.

Musical concept : Intensity Loud / Soft


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Language : Demonstrates
    personal understanding


  • Physical and motor : Explores their sensory perceptions
  • Emotional : Regulates their own emotions


  • Cognitive : Draws on their own capacity for attention and memory


  • Social  : Makes contact with other children


Prerequisites : None

Necessary material

  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Lynx (intensity) module


Lesson plan

Setting the scene

Introduce the activity

“Today, when we play Mazaam, we’ll communicate without saying a word by massaging shoulders. We’ll have to be especially careful not to be spotted by Mazaam’s lynx!”


1. Ask the children if they know what the word ‘intensity’ means

Then explain what this concept means in music : Intensity is like the sound volume on a television.                                                          

  • When the volume is turned up, the intensity is loud. We say that the volume of the sound is loud.


  •  When the volume is turned down, the intensity is soft. We say that the volume of the sound is soft.

When you give a massage, intensity represents pressure – the force that is being applied.                                                                                           

  • You press hard when you give a strong massage.


  • You press softly when you give a soft massage.

2. Explain the shoulder massage game with Mazaam :

Use the interactive whiteboard or one tablet per pair of children, if there are enough tablets for all the children.                                      

  • The children are divided up into pairs. Child 1 sits in front of Child 2; Child 2 sits behind.


  • Child 2 asks Child 1’s permission to touch their shoulders.


  • The children play the first game in the World of Lynx module.


  •  Child 2 is not allowed to speak. They have to massage Child 1’s shoulders according to the intensity of the sound in the excerpt they hear. For a loud sound, they press hard. For a soft sound, they press softly.


  • If each pair has their own tablet, Child 1 answers in the Mazaam app by giving a pepper to the correct lynx. Otherwise, choose a Child 1 to come forward and indicate the answer on the interactive whiteboard.


  • Child 1 and Child 2 reverse roles every five excerpts.

3. Give guidelines about touching :

Explain to the children that it’s important that they feel comfortable giving or receiving a shoulder massage.                              
If a child doesn’t feel comfortable, suggest another part of their body (their forearm, for example).                                                    
If a child prefers not to touch another or not to be touched themself, suggest giving the massage on a stuffed animal.                    
Remind the children that it’s important to ask the partner’s permission before touching them or giving them a massage. If the partner does not clearly give permission, it’s better not to give them a massage.

4. Do the activity, then discuss it with the children

Including the concept of intensity and the practice of respect and consent.

To go further

Wrap up the activity by eating a snack of peppers, just like the lynx.

For another challenge, do module 008A – The Lynx’s Lost Toys – Part 1.

Play the second game in the Mazaam app’s World of Lynx module with the children.