Heroes listen! # 007

The children place a token into a box corresponding to the tempo of the music they hear (fast or slow).

Musical concept : Tempo Fast / Slow


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Language : Demonstrates and understanding


  • Cognitive : Uses reasoning skills
  • Emotional : Explores autonomy

  • Physical and motor : Uses fine motor skills


  • Social : Participates in
    group activities


Prerequisites : None

Necessary material

  • Two boxes


  • The images from the appendix, printed, cut out and placed on the two boxes


  •  Tokens, like Bingo tokens (one for each child)


  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Chameleons (tempo)


Music to listen to online or to download

Fast music :

Frederic Chopin: Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58 – II. Scherzo: Molto Vivace, performed by Charles Richard-Hamelin

Frederic Chopin: Waltz No. 6, performed by Richard Raymond

Slow music :

Arvo Pärt: Spiegel im spiegel, performed by Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà

Maurice Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte, performed by André Laplante

Lesson plan

Setting the scene

1. Introduce the activity :

“Today, we’re going to get to know two heroes: Romy, a little mouse who’s quick and lively, and Max, a turtle who’s slow and careful. We’re going to listen to some music and match the music that’s most like Romy or Max. »

2. Discuss the concepts of fast and slow with the children.

3. Identify elements representing fast or slow with them.


1. Place the two boxes at the front of the classroom.

2. Give a token to each child.

3. Listen to Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58 - II. Scherzo: Molto Vivace.

4. Have each child place their token in the “fast” or “slow” box, depending on the tempo of the music they hear.

5. Open the two boxes and count the number of tokens in each box.

6. Tell the children the right answer: the music was fast.

7. Ask the children to explain why they thought the music was fast.

8. Repeat the exercise with the other pieces of music.

9. Listen to the pieces again to make sure that the children can differentiate between a fast and slow tempo.

To go further

Listen to slow music during relaxation time and fast music during transition time (e.g., the time for putting away and tidying up).

Explore with the children the first game in the Mazaam app’s World of Chameleons.