The Dance of the Musical Bees

The children imitate the flight of bees as they dance to the intensity (loud/soft) of the sounds they hear.

Musical concept : Intensity  Loud / Soft


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Cognitive : Uses their imagination


  • Physical and motor : Uses gross motor skills
  • Emotional : Engages in positive experiences 


  • Language : Demonstrates


  • Social  : Makes contact with others


Prerequisites : Have completed Module 001A – Musical Bees

Optional material

  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Listening guide for this piece (see Appendix)


  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Lynx (intensity)


Music to listen to online or to download

Antonin Dvorak: Eight Slavonic Dances Op. 46: I. Dance No. 1 in C major, performed by the Orchestre symphonique de Québec

Lesson plan

Setting the scene

1. Introduce the activity

“Did you know that bees dance to communicate with each other? Today, we’re going to become musical bees and create a dance together.”

2. Listen to the first minute of section A of Eight Slavonic Dances Op. 46: I. Dance No. 1.


1. Open a discussion with the children about what the bees might say to each other while dancing to this music.

2. Ask them about the sounds they hear and their loudness or softness.

3. The music has two main melodic motifs

i.e., two clearly identifiable passages that repeat. Ask the children to suggest movements to accompany each melodic motif (see Appendix).

4. For each melodic motif

Choose a dance movement that the children will perform as they listen to the music.

5. Perform the dance for the first time, listening to section A only.

6. Ask the children what they can change in their movements to better reproduce the oudness or softness of the music (change the amplitude of their movements).

  • Loud sounds : larger movements.


  • Soft sounds : smaller movements.

7. Perform the dance again by including the changes the children suggested.

8. Discuss with the children

What can be communicated through dance. Make the connection with writing and reading as a means of communication.

To go further

Listen to the entire piece.

Ask the children to create a dance for Section B of the music (individually or in teams).

Dance the complete piece together. For Section B, have the children perform the dance they’ve created, improvise or perform a dance in a circle.                                                                                                                                                                                Play the first game in the Mazaam app’s World of Lynx (intensity).