The Instruments Say… Part 1

The children learn to differentiate the different timbres of string and wind instruments by talking about the instruments they know. This activity prepares them to play a musical version of “Simon says.” (Module 010B)

Musical concept :  Timbre Wind / Strings


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Cognitive : Solves mathematical problems suited to their level of development


  • Language : Expands their
  • Emotional : Regulates own emotions


  • Physical and motor : Uses gross motor skills


  • Social  : Creates connections with adults


Prerequisites : None

Necessary material

  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Printed pictures of the different instruments (see appendix)


  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Eagles (timbre)


Lesson plan

Setting the scene

1. Introduce the activity

“Today, we’re going to name some string and wind instruments and then put them in the right category.”


1. Ask the children to name the string and wind instruments they know.

2. Use the board to display pictures of the instruments as the children name them.

3. Encourage the children to think

By asking them questions about how each of the instruments shown on the board is played, without categorizing the instruments at this point.

4. Ask the children to put the instruments into two categories

(Wind instruments or string instruments) based on the ideas they come up with in discussion, and then write their responses on the board.

To go further

Do the activity on the same topic in the next module : The instruments say… Part 2.

Play the first game in the Mazaam app’s World of Eagles with the children.