The Lynx’s Lost Toys Part 2 # 008B

The children try to find the toys and toy box belonging to the Mazaam lynx and learn how to categorize objects.

Musical concept : Intensity  Loud / Soft


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Cognitive : Explores numerical and spatial skills


  • Social : Participates in group activities
  • Emotional : Engages in positive experiences


  • Language : Interacts verbally and non-verbally


  • Physical and motor : Explores sensory perceptions


Prerequisites : Have done the second game in the Mazaam app’s World of Lynx (intensity)

Necessary material

  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Print the pictograms of the lynx’s toys (see Appendix).


  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Lynx (intensity) 


Lesson plan

Setting the scene

1. Introduce the activity :

“A tornado has forced the lynx to take shelter, leaving their precious toybox behind. Oh no! The tornado has jumbled the toys in the box! Let’s help the lynx sort out their toys.”


1. Play the third game in the Mazaam app’s World of Lynx with the children.

2. Every time a lynx puts a toy in the box

Hold up the corresponding pictogram (astronaut, cat, dinosaur, etc.) or write the object’s name, type and colour on the board.

3. After helping the lynx tidy everything up, count the number of toys each lynx has.

4. Then, in sub-groups

encourage the children to discover different ways of categorizing objects: by type, colour or kind (animal, human, inanimate), etc.

To go further

Divide the children into small groups and ask them to use the categories they’ve found to reorganize certain classroom areas – for example, the reading corner or the areas for playing on their own or doing crafts.