What a Family! #004

The children find out about the families of musical instruments by using the Mazaam app and a game of musical seek-and-find

Musical concept : Timbre Wind / Strings


Priority areas of development

Secondary areas of development

  • Emotional : Recognizes their own personal characteristics and explores autonomy


  • Cognitive : Explores their environment by engaging in activities related to arts and
  • Social: Regulates their own behaviour


  • Language : Becomes familiar with the written


  • Physical and motor : Uses fine motor skills


Prerequisites : None

Necessary material

  • An interactive whiteboard, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone


  • Two coloured pencils: one blue and one red


  • Print out the musical seek-and-find game in the appendix

  • Install the Mazaam app and open the World of Eagles (timbre) module


Lesson plan

Setting the scene

1. Introduce the activity :

“Today, we’re going to use a musical seek-and-find game to find out about two families of musical instruments.”


1. Ask the children if they know what the word ‘family’ means :

Speak about the characteristics you yourself share with the members of your family (eye
colour, hair, smile, etc.).

Give the floor to a few of the children who want to speak about their own families.

Draw a parallel with music:
In music, we can use the word ‘family’ to refer to instruments that share common characteristics.      

 There are two large families of musical instruments in the Mazaam app: the winds and the strings. There is a third family of instruments: the percussions (maracas,
triangles, etc.).                                                                                          

  • If a musician needs to blow into a part of the instrument to produce a sound, this is a wind instrument.


  • If a musician needs to pluck, hit or rub an instrument’s strings to produce a sound, the instruments could very well be respectively a guitar or a harp, a piano or a violin. All these instruments are string instruments.

2. Play the first game in the World of Eagles module:

For demonstration purposes, do the first three musical excerpts (1–3) with the children.

Ask some of them to come to the front and indicate the right answer for a few excerpts on the interactive whiteboard.

Ask the children to play the Musical Seek- and-Find game using the following seven excerpts (4–10):


  • Each child writes their name to the best of their ability (with or without your help depending on the child’s age).
  • For each excerpt, the child circles an instrument of the right family using the right colour:                                                    
    Blue: instruments from the string family.
    Red: instruments from the wind family.                                             

Once the children have finished, check their answers (number and type of instruments) and then count the total number of instruments with them from
each family in order to fill out the sheet.

To go further

Ask the children to draw the members of their own family or the members of a family of imaginary musical instruments.

Play the second game in the Mazaam app’s World of Eagles module with the children.