Music involves low-pitched and high-pitched sounds that create melodies. The child must differentiate between these high-pitched and low-pitched


World of Chameleons

Duration refers to how music flows. In this module, children play with musical excerpts that feature different tempos to help them differentiate between slow and fast passages.


World of Lynx

Intensity refers to musical dynamics (i.e., loud and soft). In this module, your child will enjoy discovering the different kinds of musical intensity


World of Eagles

Timbre is a sound’s “colour,” which is related to how it is produced – the characteristics that allow you to distinguish a flute from a violin, for example. This module will help your child discover wind instruments and string instruments.

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World of Sea Lions

There are several aspects to musical harmony, including consonance and dissonance. This module will help your child differentiate musical passages whose organization is more harmonious or discordant.