Mazaam Academy Plus

$128.95 for 1 year

Interactive Musical Awakening Activities for Chilldren Ages 4 to 6 – Plus Package

  • A software for computers (PC only) and Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)
  • 25+ online educational activity sheets and exclusive activities
  • 8 annual licenses of the Mazaam Premium app
  • Playlists of exclusive classical music recordings and cutting and colouring activities
  • One subscription per teacher or educator




The Mazaam Academy Plus is a digital musical awakening solution that uses classical music to support the overall development of children ages 4 to 6. It is designed for teachers and educators from preschool to first grade (pre-K to K-1), with or without musical knowledge. The Mazaam Academy Plus is based on several years of reasearch lead by the Canada Research Chair in Music and Learning. A subscription the Mazaam Academy Plus gives you access to the Mazaam mobiles apps and exclusive educational activity sheets on emotions.