The Mazaam Universe

The Mazaam universe is made up of 5 worlds, 15 learning games lasting 15-30 times and 5 musical notions (1 notion per world)

The Musical Genius

Mazaam is the conductor who guides children through the different worlds.

In the world of squirrels, the child plays with low- and high-pitched sounds.
Demand on the child’s auditory attention is slowly increased as visual cues for distinguishing, associating, identifying, detecting and reproducing the pitch of sounds are gradually removed.

In the world of chameleons, children play with musical excerpts that feature different tempos to help them differentiate between slow and fast passages from the start.
With visual cues to guide them, they are exposed to slow and fast music. Later on, the tasks become more complex and they must act independently as visual cues gradually disappear.

In the world of lynx, the child enjoys discovering the different kinds of musical intensity. At first, the contrasts between loud and soft are presented using visual cues. These cues gradually disappear as children progress through the games.

The world of eagles introduces the child to the sound of instruments.
Initially, visual cues help children distinguish, associate, identify, and detect timbre, but they gradually disappear as the game progresses.
Au début, des indices visuels aident l’enfant à réaliser cette tâche. Graduellement, les indices visuels pour associer, repérer et détecter le timbre musical disparaissent.

In the world of sea lions, the child discovers consonant sounds and dissonant sounds.
With the help of visual cues at first and later more independently, children learn to distinguish, associate, identify and detect musical excerpts whose musical organization is harmonious or more discordant.

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